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 +     ​Voting on SDF is a non-regular privilege of the ARPA membership.
 +     ​Typically the '​bboard'​ is used to discuss new and current features
 +     and how members would like to see them introduced or updated. ​ If
 +     10 or more ARPA members are involved in a discussion, such as the
 +     ​review of membership dues, or creation of a new membership, then a
 +     vote can be called once a consensus as been reached.
 +     ​Voting works by majority rule and in the event of a 50/50 between
 +     two differing outcomes, a new vote can be called with a finer grain
 +     of selections.
 +  ​
 +     You may cast and re-cast your vote at any time during the duration
 +     that the polls are open (typically 3 weeks).
 +     ​Voting is a very important activity of the ARPA membership. ​ ARPA
 +     ​members are given this has an oppourtunity to help shape what SDF is.
 +     To participate in an active vote, type '​vote'​ at the shell.