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 +     The single most important aspect of this all is that you and
 +     you alone own and retain all rights to your content. ​ There are
 +     many commercial sites on the INTERNET these days and while they
 +     offer you services without taking your money, they aren'​t ​
 +     ​necessarily free.  In nearly all cases you are forced to accept
 +     an end user agreement that releases all rights to what you put
 +     on their servers. ​ You may not care about this but most SDF
 +     ​members realize that in the long term giving up rights to your
 +     ​photos,​ music, artwork, thoughts and ideas in exchange for 
 +     "​free hosting"​ will most likely be something you'll regret.
 +     ​Another aspect is that SDF allows you access to several key areas
 +     that the majority of commercial operations restrict:
 +     1) You have access to your logfile. ​ This documents every 
 +        request made for your URL.  MOTD logfiles persist for a year
 +        and are rolled over on January 1st 00:00:01.
 +     2) You have access to your database. ​ You can log directly into
 +        your database and manipulate your tables and data yourself. ​
 +     3) You have access to the framework. ​ All software packages used
 +        in the MOTD membership are available to MOTD members to make
 +        updates, changes and fixes. ​ Likewise, members can submit ​
 +        their own software for other members to use and collaborate
 +        on.  The main benefit of this is the ability to quickly update
 +        source distributions when security flaws are discovered.
 +     ​Source distributions are kept in /sys/motd which is available from
 +     all systems on the SDF network. ​ Files are versioned via the RCS.