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 +     Yes you can!  This falls under the Virtual POP3 Mailbox (VPM)
 +     ​service. ​ This is the same feature that VHOST members have.
 +     ​Basically,​ your subdomain '​yourlogin.freeshell.org'​ or
 +     '​youlogin.sdf-eu.org'​ is FREE and is setup when your run
 +     '​addlink'​. ​ You can join the VPM membership level and then
 +     have 20 VPMs associated with your free domain name!
 +     Say you are 'Bob Grady' and your user id is '​grady'​. ​ You create
 +     a subdomain '​grady.freeshell.org'​ for your family. ​ You can then
 +     ​create VPMs for your entire family!
 +     You could have:
 +     ​bob@grady.freeshell.org
 +     ​mom@grady.freeshell.org
 +     ​dad@grady.freeshell.org
 +     The same thing applies to your church! ​ With the user id '​fbcd'​
 +     which could be 'First Baptist Church of Dulles'​ .. with VPM you
 +     could create:
 +     ​rector@fbcd.freeshell.org
 +     ​vicar@fbcd.freeshell.org
 +     ​bishop@fbcd.freeshell.org
 +     ​cantor@fbcd.freeshell.org
 +     ​acolyte@fbcd.freeshell.org
 +     And so on!
 +     But even more important, the free subdomain is all yours. ​ By default
 +     '​ANYTHING@fbcd.freeshell.org'​ would go to '​fbcd'​ mailbox. ​ This helps
 +     in guarding against spam, as then you would be able to use a random
 +     ​username for say a website query. ​ You could then filter on that
 +     ​username to block any spam, et cetera.
 +     You can use the '​mkvpm'​ command to manage your mailboxes. ​ For
 +     more information,​ checkout the '​VHOST'​ section of the FAQ.
 +     All VPM mailboxes (active and inactive) including their sizes and
 +     last time/date of writing can be seen using the '​vpmstat'​ command.
 +     Old or large mailboxes can be cleared out with the '​vpmclear'​ command.