This site is a Wiki any SDF-EU MetaARPA user can edit. To do so, create an account with the maint command on the shell. Wikis use a very simple syntax which make anything from a quick spelling fix to writing complete pages very easy and a quick thing to do. Previous versions are saved and can be restored anytime, so don´t be afraid to get started.

1. SDF Basics

2. Website Setup and Hosting Features

3. Advanced Topics

  • Using skeys - Logging in securely over insecure protocols
  • Emacs Tutorial - Emacs Basics, using Emacs as a work environment
  • Advanced E-Mail Topics - forwarding messages, and fighting spam
  • Greylisting at SDF - system policy spam reduction
  • SSH - Using SSH to secure and route client applications through SDF
  • SSHFS - Using SSHFS to mount SDF folders on linux local machine
  • PSSHFS - Mounting SDF Folders on a NetBSD Local Machine
  • VPN - Connecting to the SDF VPN.
  • rsync - Backing up $HOME using rsync.
  • Cvs - Using cvs on SDF
  • GCI - The SDF Green Computing Initiative
  • MDNS - Automatic MDNS examples (MetaARPA)
  • RubyGems at SDF - Setting up the 'gem' command
  • scmgit - GIT Source Control Management introduction
  • SMTP AUTH - Tutorial for users of Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) and
  • SDFARC Repeater List - A list of repeaters used by The SDF Amateur Radio Club
  • X11 Forwarding - Setting up and running X11 applications (MetaARPA)
  • $HOME/bin - User compiled programs in SDF's multi-architecture environment (ARPA)
  • Gnu Screen - Multiplexing your terminal (MetaARPA)
  • Keepass with Git - Manage and distribute your KeePass database with Git
  • Weechat's relay plugin - Configure Weechat's relay plugin
  • Mew - Configuring Mew (mail reader for Emacs)

4. SDF VoIP Telephony Service

5. Cheat Sheets

6. Dotfile Repository