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 +     ​DEATHMATCH style games got their start in the late 1960's with
 +     ​SPACEWAR. ​ HUNT is essentially a 2D multiuser maze game where
 +     the goals are:  Blow up your friends and avoid being blown up
 +     ​yourself. ​ Its not as complicated as it seems.
 +     ​Movement keys are:
 +                             K
 +                           ​H ​  L
 +                             ​J ​
 +     These are known as '​VI'​ keys and apply to most games. ​ To fire a
 +     ​charge at an opponent, you must be heading in that direction. Use
 +     the SHIFT key and a VI key to change direction.
 +     There are a number of ways to kill other players. ​ You can use
 +     ​single shots, grenades, satchel bombs and slimes. ​ These are all
 +     ​documented in the man page.  But to get you started, '​1'​ will fire
 +     a single shot, '​2'​ a grenade and so on.
 +     For more information,​ read the manual page 'man hunt'
 +[[games|back]] ​