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 +     user (both prevalidated and validated) accounts are the only login
 +     ​accounts subject to automated purges. ​ These purges occur weekly and
 +     are based on your last UNIX login time if you are validated, or the
 +     ​number of days since your account was created if you are prevalidated.
 +     ARPA members are exempt from inactivity purges, though an ARPA member
 +     may lose their membership by violating the AUP.
 +     ​Prevalidated accounts are automatically purged whether they are in
 +     use or not approximately 200 days of their creation.
 +     ​Validated (user) accounts are purged typically after 3 months or 6
 +     ​months of inactivity. ​ It is variable because it is dependent upon
 +     ​system resource use.  Meaning, if we need more user ids or disk space,
 +     then inactive validated users will be purged.
 +     Keep in mind that using SDF like its '​yahoo'​ or '​hotmail'​ doesn'​t ​
 +     ​constitute as a UNIX login. ​ You will have to login to the shell 
 +     ​account regularly to avoid being flagged as an inactive account.