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 +     The following is meant to be a generic setup which should work on
 +     most UNIX systems. ​ If you have a non-UNIX setup, you might have
 +     to try some experimentation on your own or ask on the bboard.
 +     First of all, you must have the following:
 +     ​1. ​ Are you running X11R6 on your computer?
 +     ​2. ​ If you are firewall or NATed, do you have ports 6000-6063 open
 +         and forwarded to your computer'​s IP address?
 +     ​3. ​ Do you have an SSH client?
 +     ​4. ​ Do you have SDF MetaARPA membership?
 +     If you answered no to any of these, you cannot proceed.
 +     ​1. ​ Start your X11R6 server on your computer if you haven'​t already
 +         done so.  Type '​X'​ or '​startx'​ at your local shell prompt.
 +     ​2. ​ Type 'xhost +' at your shell.  ​
 +     ​3. ​ ssh -X -p443 YOURLOGIN@tty.freeshell.org
 +     ​4. ​ Once logged into an SDF machine, type '​export DISPLAY=$MYIP:​0.0
 +         ​(Check that '​MYIP'​ is set, if it is not, then set it to your
 +         IP address or the IP of the NATing router.)
 +     ​5. ​ Type '​xeyes'​ and knock yourself out.
 +     If you've run into any snags, double check your configuration. ​ If
 +     you still need help, then try asking for help on the '​bboard'​.