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 +     Back ups are done incrementally at a minimum of a weekly basis for
 +     ​MetaARPA members. The majority of files on the file servers get
 +     ​backed up at that time provided there is space. ​ The priority is
 +     SDF specific files, then MetaARPA, ARPA and finally USERS.
 +     The only files that are not backed up are the ones in /tmp across all
 +     ​clients and servers. ​ If you use /tmp for storage it should only be
 +     ​considered as short term storage. ​ For instance, if a client machine
 +     has to be replaced due to hardware failure, you are not guaranteed
 +     that files in /tmp will appear on the replacement host.
 +     The back up disk array is only brought online during the weekly
 +     ​backup session. ​ It is not accessible to members.
 +     File restores can be requested by posting a message on the bboard
 +      and specifying the full path location to the files or
 +     ​directory. ​ You will receive an email with the location of your
 +     ​restored files.
 +     Its recommended to use the SDF '​delete,​ undelete and expunge'​ utilities
 +     which you can alias rm to in your .profile. ​