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 +     The first time was in 1991 when a person from France dialed in
 +     to our machine (then running SystemVr3.2 1.0) and was able to get
 +     root (administrative) access. ​ He promptly notified us.
 +     ​During our short lived stint of attempting to run SDF under '​linux'​ on
 +     IBM compatibles the system was compromised a number of times, but the
 +     ​individuals who did it were much more secretive and malicious. ​ For
 +     each case users were forced to change their passwords and patched
 +     ​software was installed (though this of course introduced other bugs
 +     that could be found later on)
 +     After dumping linux and x86 in favour of return to real computers, we
 +     have not had any major security issues. ​ We are however, just as vigilant
 +     to be sure that your account here on SDF is safe and that any security
 +     ​issues are resolved quickly before public announcements (cert, et cetera)
 +     ​Please NOTE, an administrator will NEVER ask you for your password.
 +     ​Anyone impersonating an administrator is BREAKING THE LAW.  You can
 +     ​report them to your local authorities if you identify them.