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 +     Yes, and this service is available freely to you and your students.
 +     While membership is encouraged, it is not at all required of you.
 +    ​
 +     A number of UNIX classes have been taught using the SDF.  From the
 +     ​basics of getting acquainted with the various shells, commands and
 +     ​environment to learning the VI editor, EMACS, sed and awk, SDF is
 +     an extremely flexible learning environment for students and hackers.
 +     perl and python are also available for script programming as well,
 +     your students will have 20mb of storage space to design their own 
 +     ​webpages and even can create their own subdomain based on their login.
 +     ​Students in an active class who wish to validate their accounts may
 +     do so by having their instructor send a list of usernames created
 +     and used by students as well as a copy of the class syllabus.  ​
 +     ​Access limitations *may* inhibit your class. ​ Please plan ahead and
 +     ​contact '​smj@sdf.lonestar.org'​ with any goals or specific needs. ​
 +     It GREATLY helps us if you would run the '​student-survey'​ command once
 +     you have a login account to help let us know how we are doing. ​ Teachers
 +     and students are both welcome to participate in this survey.