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 +  ​
 +     Do you have an instructor? ​ Are you K-12 or in college? ​ There are 
 +     ​always going to be more students than instructors on SDF and if you
 +     are current enrolled you can propose the idea of using SDF to your
 +     ​conventional instructors and see what they think. ​ Some of the 
 +     ​benefits of having a classroom on SDF are:
 +     ​1. ​ Instructor/​Students can manage their own accounts.
 +         ​Typically at community colleges, universities and schools
 +         their is quite a bit of beuracracy involved with direct ​
 +         UNIX shell access. ​ SDF provide both instructors and students
 +         with the liberty to create and delete their UNIX shell accounts.
 +     ​2. ​ Less access restrictions.
 +         Even if you do get a request through to have accounts created,
 +         you are typically limited by tiny quotas, slow machines and
 +         ​access to programs/​utilities ​
 +        ​
 +         SDF allows the instructors to determine exactly what they want
 +         their students to use.  As well, SDF provides access to more
 +         ​esoteric and newer programming utilities.
 +     ​3. ​ SDF is for a lifetime.  ​
 +         After a semester is over, or when you are no longer enrolled,
 +         your account is typically removed from a university or K-12
 +         ​system. ​ SDF allows both instructors and students to become ​
 +         ​permanent members of the organization.