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 +     This is not a complete list of all the programs and utilities that
 +     are available. ​ Listing those would be really beyond the scope of
 +     the faq.  However, in /​sys/​classroom there some very specific ​
 +     ​programs that are most useful to students learning UNIX programming.
 +     ​Normally these programs are only reserve for ARPA member use.
 +     For more details on these tools, have your students run 'man program'​
 +     gcc (2.95.3) ​ Has slowly become the standard in C/C++ development
 +                   under UNIX.  It is not always the best choice for 
 +                   any occasion, but you'll find it everywhere.
 +     ​python (2.5)  An object oriented programming language that has
 +                   a very strict, but intuitive syntax.
 +     perl (5.8.8) ​ Its everywhere you go today. ​ The number of modules
 +                   ​available make programming in perl a thing of the past
 +     ruby (1.8.5) ​ A relatively new programming language which is 
 +                   ​designed with the web in mind
 +     lisp (8.3.0) ​ One of the oldest and most powerful programming languages
 +                   still widely used today.
 +     php (5.1.6) ​  A near object oriented C like programming language which
 +                   is most useful for generating HTML.
 +     rcs (5.7)     RCS (Revision Control System) is a good way for 
 +                   ​students to learn about file versioning under UNIX.
 +     mysql (5.0)   Each instructor and student is given their own SQL
 +                   ​database and login.