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 +     All access requests for your domain (successful and failed)
 +     can be found in norge:/​var/​log/​httpd/​vhosts
 +     You will receive a detailed summary once a month of your usage when
 +     the logfiles are archived (see norge:/​var/​log/​httpd/​vhosts/​ARCHIVE)
 +     The previously archived log has a .o appended to it in the ARCHIVE
 +     ​directory,​ while the latest archive does not.
 +        ​
 +     Daily detailed usage stats of all VHOST members are posted on
 +     ​http://​sdf.lonestar.org/​webstats .. select the year, then the
 +     month and the host for stats (norge currently hosts all VHOST members).
 +     The detailed monthly summary mentioned above is the aggregate of
 +     your daily stats in the same format.
 +     To get up to date stats on your site in graphical charts, check out
 +     the analog stats http://​sdf.lonestar.org/​vhosts (updated every 2 hours)
 +     The log file has the following format using | as a delimiter:
 +     1. timestamp (UTC)
 +     2. your domain name
 +     3. path and file
 +     4. remote IP
 +     5. bytes xfered
 +     6. number of seconds spent serving the request
 +     7. HTTPD return code