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 === PuTTY === === PuTTY ===
-This is a software suite for Windows machines for ssh and scp connections. Please go to the [[http://​www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/​~sgtatham/​putty/​|PuTTY ​website]], or if that's not accessible, you may download some (not so) recent [[http://​sdf.lonestar.org/​tutorials/​software/​putty/​putty.exe|putty]] ​and [[http://​sdf.lonestar.org/​tutorials/​software/​putty/​pscp.exe|pscp]] locally mirrored on SDF+[[http://​www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/​~sgtatham/​putty/​|PuTTY]] ​is a software ​suite for Windows machines for ssh and scp connections
 === SDF === === SDF ===
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 === upload === === upload ===
 to get data //to SDF// from your local machine; see //​download//​ to get data //to SDF// from your local machine; see //​download//​
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