**limitations and policy**

The SDF Public Access UNIX System, a 501(c)7 non-profit corporation,
reserves the right to deny access to anyone regardless if the user
has made a donation or paid membership dues.  If a user's activities
are interferring with another user or users (on this system or on
another) the user in question will have their account access limited
or possibly removed.  Spamming of any sort is not permitted and would
result in account removal.  Illegal activities that actively involve 
SDF (id est, using SDF to run crack or for guessing passwords and/or
trading copyrighted work) will most likely result in account removal.

The SDF Public Access UNIX System makes no guarantees in the
reliability or preservation of account accessibility, email received,
files uploaded or created by online editing or compilation.  That
being said, data loss should only occur during a catastrophic hardware
failure where critical files would be restored from daily tape backups. 

Members of the SDF Public Access UNIX System are expected to conduct
themselves in an appropriate manner when using our facilities.

Lifetime ARPA membership is based on the lifetime of SDF, not
of the user and is non-transferable.  SDF has existed since 1987
and with your support maybe it just might out live you. ;-)
Any illegal activities which includes, but certainly isn't limited
to spamming, portflooding, portscanning, unauthorised connections to 
remote hosts and any sort of scam can really not be tolerated here. 
Why? Because there are many here on this system that can suffer from
this sort of abuse.  If you want to use SDF, you really have to care
about this system and the people here.  If you don't want to care,
then you really shouldn't use this resource.

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