An internet describes just what it sounds like, an INTERconnected
     NETwork of networks.  The word itself is an adjective.  There is
     no INTERNET as an entity to speak of.  What mass media calls "The
     INTERNET" was actually started in the late 1960's by the U.S. Defense
     Dept. Advanced Research Project Agency or DARPA.  There is a great
     history surrounding the concept of internetworking and the initial 36bit
     computing systems involved that is sadly over looked these days.

     Here is what could be said about internetworking today:

     The concept of Internetworking allows us to realise an all-encompassing
     global network that links together hundreds, even thousands of privately
     owned networks.  Through this shared resource of private networks, it is
     possible to send data across the network in the matter of seconds.
     Branching off from these networks are slower dedicated lines, packet
     switching, DIALNET and UUCP sites. 

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