Inbound FTP connections (via FTP, scp or sftp) are available to 
  validated members and above.  For more information about validation
  please type 'validate' at the shell.

  A slower, but still acceptable method of sending/receiving files
  from SDF can be found with the XYZMODEM tools.  Infact, SDF used
  XYZMODEM for file transfers before we installed FTP.  If you don't
  know about XYZMODEM, these are a protocol set for transfering files
  over a dialup modem connection.  Some TELNET programs such as 
  TERATERM support these protocols.


  Uploading a file to SDF:

  1. Tell SDF you want to send a file:

  $ rz  (or 'upload')

  2. Start the file transfer from your TERMINAL.

  Downloading a file from SDF:

  1. Tell SDF which files you want to download:

  $ sz filename

  Usually (with ZMODEM) your TERMINAL will automatically respond by 
  initiating a file transfer session.

  We recommend using ZMODEM as it seems to be the fastest and most
  reliable method.  You can use "sb/rb - YMODEM or sx/rb - XMODEM"
  if ZMODEM doesn't seem to work for you.

  Finally, you can also use the C port of Columbia's KERMIT protocol.
  This program was original developed to transfer files between the
  DECSystem-10 and the IBM PCs that students and faculty were using 
  as terminals.

  C KERMIT actually has a C implementation of CMND-JSYS, the command
  parser which implementions command completion and recognition that
  made TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 so popular.  Also, there is support for
  ZMODEM/XMODEM/YMODEM in KERMIT.  Use 'set proto zmodem' to turn it

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