Here is a list of most of the editors available on SDF.  To use
     one of these as a default, set the environment variables EDITOR
     and VISUAL with the path to the editor.

     ed       Ken Thompson's editor (original UNIX editor)
     ex       An EXtended ed line editor (between ed & vi)

     vi       Bill Joy's editor (VIsual editor)
     nvi      new vi
     bvi      Gerhard Buergmann's VI based binary hex editor
     vim      A VI clone
     vilearn  VI interactive tutorial
     vile     VI Like Emacs (between vi & emacs)
     EMACS    EMACS was written in ITS TECO and is not available for UNIX
     emacs    Richard Stallman's emacs clone
     uemacs   MicroEMACS
     beav     A slightly emacs like binary editor
     zile     Sandro Sigala's emacs clone
     ce       Chet Ramey's emacs clone
     jed      John E Davis' emacs clone
     jove     Jonathan Payne's emacs clone

     pico     Mark Crispin's MM SEND editor (?)
     nano     a pico clone
     hexedit  Pascal Rigaux's binary hex editor
     ee       Hugh Mahon's Easy Editor
     hnb      The Hierachical NoteBook browser/editor
     ne       Cambridge Text Editor (not 64bit compatible)
     ve       NTHU-CS Maple BBS editor (supports Chinese)

     id3ed    Peter Karlsson's mp3 TAG editor
     id3      Robert Woodcock's mp3 TAG editor
     id3v2    Myer Carpenter's mp3 TAG editor

     mp3asm   A command line mp3 frame level editor

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