Additional recommended sources:  Try 'dict word' and also 'jargon'

     This is not a comprehensive list of terms used, but it should be
     enough to get you started if you are a complete neophyte.  Keep in
     mind this is not a dictionary, but a 'glossary' describing how 
     words are used in the scope of the SDF Public Access UNIX System.

     ACCESS   Your membership level, permission settings for a file or
              your ability to use one or more of SDF's features.

     ARPA     (aka Advanced Research Projects Agency) A lifetime member
              of the SDF Public Access UNIX System.  A permanent member
              who has paid a $36 initiation fee and has voting privileges.

     BBOARD   The SDF (electronic) Bulletin Board.  Think of it as a
              corkboard at a community center where members post notes
              with thumb tacks.  All system notices are posted on the
              ANNOUNCE bboard.

     COM      (aka 'COM MODE') An online communication forum where SDF users
              can interact with each other in real time.

     DBA      DataBase Administrator membership.

     DISK     Your personal data storage and the 60+ disk drives that make
              up all SDF data storage.  Try 'disk' or 'quota' for more info.

     DNS      Domain Name System.  This is a method (and network protocol)
              which allows Domain Name information to propogate throughout
              the INTERNET.  It is important to note that DNS does not 
              provide services such as SMTP (mail), HTTP (web) nor any other
              service other than announcing WHERE services can be found.
     EMAIL    Electronic MAIL.  This can be accessed from the shell using
              a number of programs (elm, mutt, mailx, mm ..).  Your mail is
              stored in the file:  /mail/$LOGNAME
     FTP      File Transfer Protocol.  Allows you to send and receive 
              files from a HOST.

     HOST     A computer which provides services to users.  To connect to
              SDF, please use 'tty.freeshell.org' as your HOST.

     MDNS     (Meta DNS) A membership for Dynamic DNS which can be used 
              to point your IP address to $LOGNAME.mdns.org or with your
              own domain using the DNS membership.  (sdf-eu.org uses
              zdns.org (Zeta DNS)).

     MetaARPA (Above ARPA) A membership with annual dues of $36.  This
              membership is considered to be 'trusted' and is mostly
              made up of people who care about SDF very much.  In exchange
              for their dues, they have access to tools and features that
              could be abused by people who do not care about SDF. 
     POINTER  A membership for VHOST members who wish to point an additional
              domain to their VHOST membership space.

     POP3     Post Office Protocol Version 3.  A protocol that allows an SDF
              member to transfer their mail from SDF to their computer.  Also
              see VPM and IMAP.

     TELNET   Telephone Network.  TELNET is a protol which allows you to 
              run a terminal session on a remote computer.  This can become
              convoluded easily by running a remote TELNET client to open 
              a session on another remote host to open another remote TELNET
              session to your local computer.  (See the TELNET song by Guy
              L. Steele for more info).  Basically, TELNET is a protocol for
              remote ACCESS to a (HOST) computer.

     URL      Uniform Resource Locator.  Mainly used to express a 'web site
              address', is also used to express protocol.  Ex:

                 gopher://sdf.lonestar.org     SDF's Gopher Address
                   http://sdf.lonestar.org     SDF's WWW Address
                    ftp://sdf.lonestar.org     SDF's FTP address
                 telnet://sdf.lonestar.org     SDF's TELNET address

              URL on SDF mainly refers to the 'vanity URL' that you assign
              to your 'website'.  You do this via the 'mkhomepg -a' command.

     VHOST    A Virtual HOST.  A membership that allows an ARPA member to
              Virtually HOST a domain name on SDF particularly for the 
              purpose of serving webpages and receiving EMAIL.  VHOST includes
              the DBA, VPM and DNS memberships.

     VPM      Virtual POP3 Mail. A membership that allows an ARPA member to
              manage mail files for his/her domain name or an SDF vanity URL.

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