The default is:


     You are welcome to use:


     Its really your preference.  Both of these have MX (Mail Exchangr)
     records pointing to our SMTP server, so you'll get mail all the
     same by using either of them. 

     You may also apply tags to your email address between your login ID
     and the @ sign.  This is useful to determine where you've given out
     specific email addresses to, such as for mailing lists.  In this case
     your address could look something like this:


     The tag above is '+job-search' and could be useful if you are posting
     a resume online which you know could generate spam later.  If you did
     start receiving spam at that address, as an ARPA member, you could use
     procmail to filter out all email to that address and discard it.
     IMPORTANT:  No matter what machine you login in to, your address
     always defaults to yourlogin@sdf.lonestar.org.  There are a number
     of other domains listed here, most of which are only available to
     ARPA members as their URL.  However, these URL domains can be used
     for email address with a VPM membership.

     If you are interested in having, say 'grog@sixbit.org' as your 
     email address rather than say 'groggy@grog.sixbit.org', you can 
     do this by using the 'setvmail' command as a MetaARPA member.