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 +     The default is:
 +     ​yourlogin@sdf.lonestar.org
 +     You are welcome to use:
 +     ​yourlogin@freeshell.org
 +     Its really your preference. ​ Both of these have MX (Mail Exchangr)
 +     ​records pointing to our SMTP server, so you'll get mail all the
 +     same by using either of them. 
 +     You may also apply tags to your email address between your login ID
 +     and the @ sign.  This is useful to determine where you've given out
 +     ​specific email addresses to, such as for mailing lists. ​ In this case
 +     your address could look something like this:
 +     ​yourlogin+job-search@sdf.lonestar.org ​
 +     The tag above is '​+job-search'​ and could be useful if you are posting
 +     a resume online which you know could generate spam later. ​ If you did
 +     start receiving spam at that address, as an ARPA member, you could use
 +     ​procmail to filter out all email to that address and discard it.
 +     ​IMPORTANT: ​ No matter what machine you login in to, your address
 +     ​always defaults to yourlogin@sdf.lonestar.org. ​ There are a number
 +     of other domains listed here, most of which are only available to
 +     ARPA members as their URL.  However, these URL domains can be used
 +     for email address with a VPM membership.
 +     If you are interested in having, say '​grog@sixbit.org'​ as your 
 +     email address rather than say '​groggy@grog.sixbit.org',​ you can 
 +     do this by using the '​setvmail'​ command as a MetaARPA member.