When you play NETRIS matches in COM, player rankings are stored and
     tallied after each new match.  Ranking is first by number of matches
     played, then by wins.  This allows for the biggest winners and losers
     to be listed at the top.  Only 20 rankings are listed and are considered
     for the HALL of FAME.

     The HALL of FAME is tallied at the beginning of each quarter (beginning
     01-JAN).  At that time, the ranking list is cleared and those scores are
     tallied to create an updated HALL of FAME.

     Because there is potential for conflicts between usernames on sdf-eu.org
     and sdf.lonestar.org, com makes a distincting by attributing either
     '@sdf' or '@sdf-eu' to the username in the rankings.  However, you 
     still need to specify the actual host name your opponent is playing
     from when starting a new match.

     History on players is also available.  Such as, you can see how many
     times a potential opponent lost to a player you might beat regularly.

     For more information, check 'com'.