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 +     When you play NETRIS matches in COM, player rankings are stored and
 +     ​tallied after each new match. ​ Ranking is first by number of matches
 +     ​played,​ then by wins.  This allows for the biggest winners and losers
 +     to be listed at the top.  Only 20 rankings are listed and are considered
 +     for the HALL of FAME.
 +     The HALL of FAME is tallied at the beginning of each quarter (beginning
 +     ​01-JAN). ​ At that time, the ranking list is cleared and those scores are
 +     ​tallied to create an updated HALL of FAME.
 +     ​Because there is potential for conflicts between usernames on sdf-eu.org
 +     and sdf.lonestar.org,​ com makes a distincting by attributing either
 +     '​@sdf'​ or '​@sdf-eu'​ to the username in the rankings. ​ However, you 
 +     still need to specify the actual host name your opponent is playing
 +     from when starting a new match.
 +     ​History on players is also available. ​ Such as, you can see how many
 +     times a potential opponent lost to a player you might beat regularly.
 +     For more information,​ check '​com'​.