Voting on SDF is a non-regular privilege of the ARPA membership.
     Typically the 'bboard' is used to discuss new and current features
     and how members would like to see them introduced or updated.  If
     10 or more ARPA members are involved in a discussion, such as the
     review of membership dues, or creation of a new membership, then a
     vote can be called once a consensus as been reached.

     Voting works by majority rule and in the event of a 50/50 between
     two differing outcomes, a new vote can be called with a finer grain
     of selections.
     You may cast and re-cast your vote at any time during the duration
     that the polls are open (typically 3 weeks).

     Voting is a very important activity of the ARPA membership.  ARPA
     members are given this has an oppourtunity to help shape what SDF is.

     To participate in an active vote, type 'vote' at the shell.