*** Please have your students ssh to 'classroom.sdf.org' ***
     *** once they have logged in as 'new' to make their accounts ***

     There currently are no templates, but more than likely you already
     have your own syllabus, lesson plan and students all ready to go.

     All you need to do is send your syllabus/lesson plan to 'smj' and
     request that your classroom be opened.  Once your class is approved
     you will be able to run the 'instruct' command to validate your
     students.  For further information about this command, type 
     'man instruct' at the shell.

     Your classroom will be open indefinitely while your students will
     only be validated for a 15 week semester.  If you need to extend
     their validation, you can do so with the 'instruct' command.

     Your students should be instructed to create their own accounts
     by telnetting to 'ol.freeshell.org' and logging in as 'new'.  When
     asked "Where did you hear about SDF?" please instruct them to provide
     the school, your name and the course number.  After they have done
     that, you will be able to use 'instruct' to validate their accounts.

     Classroom specific utilities that would otherwise be only available
     to ARPA members (such as gcc, python, ruby, perl ..) are located in
     /sys/classroom.  If you need to provide your students with other 
     utilities, you can request that they be installed for classroom use.

     Your students will need to set the PATH environment variable with
     something like this:

     export PATH=/sys/classroom/bin:$PATH

     This will allow the /sys/classroom/bin directory to be searched 
     prior to the other directories in the $PATH variable.

     At the end of the semester, it is very important that you have your
     students run the 'teach' survey.   Please do not forget!