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 +     *** Please have your students ssh to '​classroom.sdf.org'​ ***
 +     *** once they have logged in as '​new'​ to make their accounts ***
 +     There currently are no templates, but more than likely you already
 +     have your own syllabus, lesson plan and students all ready to go.
 +     All you need to do is send your syllabus/​lesson plan to '​smj'​ and
 +     ​request that your classroom be opened. ​ Once your class is approved
 +     you will be able to run the '​instruct'​ command to validate your
 +     ​students. ​ For further information about this command, type 
 +     '​man instruct'​ at the shell.
 +     Your classroom will be open indefinitely while your students will
 +     only be validated for a 15 week semester. ​ If you need to extend
 +     their validation, you can do so with the '​instruct'​ command.
 +     Your students should be instructed to create their own accounts
 +     by telnetting to '​ol.freeshell.org'​ and logging in as '​new'​. ​ When
 +     asked "Where did you hear about SDF?" please instruct them to provide
 +     the school, your name and the course number. ​ After they have done
 +     that, you will be able to use '​instruct'​ to validate their accounts.
 +     ​Classroom specific utilities that would otherwise be only available
 +     to ARPA members (such as gcc, python, ruby, perl ..) are located in
 +     /​sys/​classroom. ​ If you need to provide your students with other 
 +     ​utilities,​ you can request that they be installed for classroom use.
 +     Your students will need to set the PATH environment variable with
 +     ​something like this:
 +     ​export PATH=/​sys/​classroom/​bin:​$PATH
 +     This will allow the /​sys/​classroom/​bin directory to be searched ​
 +     prior to the other directories in the $PATH variable.
 +     At the end of the semester, it is very important that you have your
 +     ​students run the '​teach'​ survey. ​  ​Please do not forget!