If you just want to check your web quota stats, you can type
     'webquota' at the shell, or see http://sdf.org/over
     Daily stats are posted at http://sdf.org/webstats
     VHOST member web stats at http://sdf.org/vhosts

     VHOST members receive webstats in email once a month on the first
     day of the month.

     If you want *more* information, then:
     Logfiles are are created based on the machines that run the 
     actual servers. 

     host     location               members        rollover   archived
     sdf      /var/log/httpd           users     daily @ 00:00    1 day
     otaku    /var/log/httpd        arpa a-l     daily @ 00:00    1 day
     faeroes  /var/log/httpd        arpa m-z     daily @ 00:00    1 day
     sverige  /var/log/httpd        Meta a-l     daily @ 00:00    1 day
     iceland  /var/log/httpd        Meta m-z     daily @ 00:00    1 day
     norge    /var/log/httpd/vhosts    vhost     monthly         30 days

     The log file has the following format using | as a delimiter:

     1. timestamp (UTC)
     2. your domain name 
     3. path and file
     4. remote IP
     5. bytes xfered
     6. number of seconds spent serving the request
     7. HTTPD return code 
     8. Refering URL (MetaARPA, VHOST and MOTD only)
     9. User Agent (Browser) (MetaARPA, VHOST and MOTD only)

     All CGIs (including PHP scripts) are run under the user's ID 
     There are two logfiles in /var/log/httpd of each server which
     logs suexec and suphp attempts.  

     If you're still confused, a good rule of thumb is to ssh to
     LOGNAME@your-url and poke around in /var/log/httpd