# This script is run by bash when starting a new non-login shell.
# The effects of the commands in this file (as far as I know) are not inherited
# by child processes and so need to be run every time a new shell is started.
if [ -z "$PROFILE_LOADED" ]
# If PROFILE_LOADED is null, then my .profile must not have been processed.
then . ~/.profile
# This creates an alias 'toc' which produces more informative output from `ls`:
 alias toc='colorls -ACFG'
# This causes commands to fail if they contain a shell pattern that doesn't
# match anything.
 shopt -s failglob
# This sets the default permissions on newly created files & directories to
# allow everything short of writing by other people (only use if you know what
# you're doing!):
 umask 0022
# This keeps other users from sending messages to my screen with `talk` or
# `write`:
 mesg n