# Generic settings for mutt
# Variable settings; see the mutt manual for details on most of these:
set abort_nosubject
set allow_ansi
set beep_new
set charset="utf-8"
unset confirmappend
set date_format="!%d %b %Y, %H:%M:%S %Z"
set edit_headers
# Path to my preferred editor:
set editor="/usr/pkg/bin/vim"
set fast_reply
unset followup_to
set forward_format="Fwd: %s"
set forward_quote
set hostname=""
set include
set mail_check=60
set mime_forward=ask-no
set pager_context=2
set postpone
set read_inc=50
unset recall
set reply_to
unset resolve
unset save_empty
unset score
set send_charset="us-ascii:utf-8"
set sendmail_wait=30
# Get my signature from a fortune file in my home directory:
set signature="fortune ~/share/sigs/sigfile |"
set sort=reverse-date
set sort_aux=last-date
set strict_threads
set tilde
set timeout=300
# Like 'editor', but different:
set visual="/usr/pkg/bin/vim"
set delete=yes
# Format of entries in mailbox listings:
set index_format="%Z%T %-16.16F  %-40.40s %> %{%d %b %Y}"
set move=ask-yes
# This setting is primarily used in connecting securely to Gmail's IMAP server:
set certificate_file="~/.mutt/certs"
set wrap=80
# Set the status line at the bottom of the screen:
set status_format="%v -%r- %f -- %m msgs%?u?, %u unread?%?d?, %d del?%?t?, %t tagged? %?V?-- %V : %M -- ?%> %P"
# Don't show a help line at the top of the screen:
unset help
# Don't show unnecessary mail headers
ignore Received Delivered-To X-Planation Return-Path Authentication-Results
ignore DKIM-Signature Message-ID MIME-Version References In-Reply-To Content-
ignore X-Spam X-ecartis DomainKey-Signature X-Junkmail
unignore Content-Type
# Append this header to all outgoing e-mails:
my_hdr Organization: SDF Public Access UNIX System <>
# Order in which to show certain headers:
hdr_order From: Organization: Subject: Date: To: Cc: Reply-to: X-Face:
# Settings for automatically viewing certain MIME types:
auto_view text/html message/rfc822 application/x-tar-gz
alternative_order text/plain text/html application/html text/*
# Macros for switching between my SDF account & my Gmail account (account-hooks
# didn't seem to fit my needs)
# The SDF macro would have been bound to 'S', but I already mapped that key to
# save changes to the current mailbox, so I chose 'X' for UNIX.
macro index X ":source ~/.mutt/sdf<enter>c!<enter>" "Load SDF account"
macro index G ":source ~/.mutt/gmail<enter>c!<enter>" "Load Gmail account"
# Macros for use in switching mailboxes (yes, I'm that lazy):
macro index + '<change-folder>+' "Change to folder in mailbox"
macro index = '<change-folder>=' "Change to folder in mailbox"
# Process commands in other files:
source ~/.mutt/gpg
source ~/.mutt/keys
# Start out with the SDF account:
source ~/.mutt/sdf