# This is a configuration file for the nn newsreader, v.6.7.3 or later (though
# most of this should still work with earlier versions).  To use it, name it
# 'init' and place it in the directory '~/.nn'.
# This causes the contents of ~/.signature to be automatically appended to
# posts & e-mails:
set append-signature-mail
set append-signature-post
unset query-signature
# When a closed subject is selected, this will cause all articles on that
# subject to be selected:
set auto-select-closed 2
# This keeps old copies of .newsrc from being saved the first time they're
# changed in a session:
unset backup
# This sets the character set to Latin-1 (nn doesn't support Unicode yet):
set charset iso-8859-1
# This causes long subjects to be truncated rather "collapsed" in the middle:
unset collapse-subject
# This causes all multi-article subjects to be automatically displayed as
# "closed":
set consolidated-menu
# This keeps cross-posted articles from being shown in more than one group:
unset cross-post
# On startup, enter the last read group or the first unread group after it with
# user confirmation:
set enter-last-read-mode 2
# Don't give messages about expired articles:
set expired-message-delay -1
# When including articles in replies, put the '> ' before blank lines as well:
set include-mark-blank-lines
# Remove unsubscribed groups from .newsrc:
unset keep-unsubscribed
set tidy-newsrc
# No blank lines in the article listing:
set long-menu
# The 'X' command marks the previous & current pages as seen:
set marked-by-read-skip 3
# Automatically ask to confirm subscriptions to new groups:
set new-group-action 4
# Set headers for outgoing e-mails & news articles (fill in your own e-mail
# address here!); the Organization field is set for news articles in order to
# override the value inserted by SDF's newsserver
set mail-header From: YOUR NAME HERE <EMAIL@ADDRESS.com>
set news-header From: YOUR NAME HERE <EMAIL@ADDRESS.com>;Organization: SDF Public Access UNIX System
# Always show the purpose of groups (if known):
set show-purpose-mode 2
# Program used to sign messages:
set sign-type gpg
# Don't automatically split digests:
unset split
# Don't show the current time in the prompt line:
unset time
# Produce an audible bell rather than a visual one:
unset visible-bell
# Go to the last page of a group (i.e., the most recent articles) on entry:
on entry
# Map the 'C' key to remove all read & seen articles from menu
define 0
 junk-articles junk-articles junk-articles junk-articles 'R'
 junk-articles junk-articles junk-articles junk-articles 'S'
map menu C macro 0
# Map the 'R' key to mark all selected articles as read
define 1
 junk-articles '+'
map menu R macro 1
# Various remappings of commands in order to suit my tastes; except for '/',
# these only apply when reading articles, not in the menu.  The key being
# remapped is to the left of the "as", and the key that it's being mapped to is
# on the right.  The internal names of the commands are also given for those
# interested.
map show q as k  # next-subject
map show j as ^J  # line+1
map show k as u  # page-1/2, as line-1 can't be bound
map show ^[ as =  # goto-menu
map menu / as =  # find
map show > as n  # next-article
map show < as p  # previous
map show n as .  # find-next
map show 0 as ^  # page=1
map show G as $  # page=$
# My newsgroup sequence:
 ! free* ! 0* ! 01alt* ! 1* ! 12hr* ! 1a* ! 3b* ! 3com* ! 5col* ! a* ! a2000*
 ! a2i* ! aaa* ! fr* ! es* ! pl* ! ru*
 !:U alt*
 comp* sci* news* humanities* rec* soc* talk* misc*
 perl* gnu* linux*