Pico Cheat Sheet

Control keys

(The key sequence “Esc Esc x” can be used instead of “^x”.)

^B Backward character ^F Forward character
^P Previous line ^N Next line
^A beginning of line ^E End of line
^Y backward page ^V forward page
^W search ^L refresh display
^D Delete character ^^ set mark
^K cut region ^U paste
^I Insert tab ^J Justify paragraph
^T spell check ^C Cursor position
^R Read insert file ^O Output file
^G Get help ^X save eXit

Function keys

F1 Get help F5 Read insert F9 cut region
F2 save eXit F6 search F10 paste
F3 Output file F7 backward page F11 Cursor position
F4 Justify paragraph F8 forward page F12 spell check

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