SDF has its own StatusNet microblogging server for SDF users: SDF Chatter.

To create your SDF Chatter account, type maint at your SDF shell. You can then login to SDF Chatter and use it via the web interface. You can also use SDF Chatter via microblogging clients that support StatusNet-

Any user on SDF-EU, keep in mind that your username is USERNAME_eu!


Adium is a free and open source instant messaging client for OS X that supports StatusNet (as well as twitter, IRC, multiple instant-messaging networks, etc.) To setup your SDF Chatter account in Adium, add a new StatusNet account and set 'server' to and 'path' to status/index.php. After creating it you'll see your SDF Chatter account in your Adium Contact List.


  • Add instructions for more statusnet clients