TOPS-20 Interactive Tutorial

This file is a log of a session with the TOPS-20 interactive tutorial on It has been added to the SDF tutorials to make the content available on the World-Wide Web, but it is a much more effective learning experience to work through the tutorial interactively by logging-in to and running the TOPS20 program.

Executive Summary

The tutorial introduces a number of useful keystroke commands for working with in the TOPS-20 EXEC environment.

Output control
S Pause output scrolling
Q Resume output scrolling
O Toggle output suppression
Command guidance
ESC Command completion and guide words
? Expected input guidance
Command line editing
R Retype current line
DEL (or BackSpace) Erase previous character
W Erase previous word
U Erase current line
Program status and control
T Session status
C Exit program (may need 2 or more)

Does not apply to SDF-EU.

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