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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 This frees up about 23MB.  This frees up about 23MB. 
 +=== portmap ===
 +I don't need portmap, so i removed it completely:
 +  apt-get remove --purge portmap
 +=== openssh vs. dropbear ===
 +If you dont need all the extra features openssh has compared to dropbear, you can reduce memory consumption from 23MB to 5MB while being connected with 1 non-root user to the system by replacing openssh with dropbear.
 +  apt-get install dropbear
 +Edit /​etc/​defaults/​dropbear and set NO_START to 0 and add the extra args "-w -s -g" to disallow root and password logins (You'​ll be only able to login with a non root user and ssh keys):
 +# disabled because OpenSSH is installed
 +# change to NO_START=0 to enable Dropbear
 +# the TCP port that Dropbear listens on
 +# any additional arguments for Dropbear
 +# specify an optional banner file containing a message to be
 +# sent to clients before they connect, such as "/​etc/​issue.net"​
 +# RSA hostkey file (default: /​etc/​dropbear/​dropbear_rsa_host_key)
 +# DSS hostkey file (default: /​etc/​dropbear/​dropbear_dss_host_key)
 +# Receive window size - this is a tradeoff between memory and
 +# network performance
 +Afterwards, you can deactivate openssh with
 +  update-rc.d ssh remove
 +or uninstall it: 
 +  apt-get remove openssh-server