Tacker: smj (Stephen Jones)
 Subject: regarding .. solution
 Date: 07-Jul-02
 No one is obligated to donate to SDF to get anything more than
 basic access:
 1. instant account creation
 2. file storage using ZMODEM
 3. email access, no pop ups, no attached advertisments, no bullshit
 4. instant online chat and message board with other sdf users
 5. network utilities like traceroute and ping
 6. a whole slew of cool single and multiuser games
 7. access to the sdf mud, and TOPS-20
 8. network instant messaging using YSM (icq)
 9. psh may feel restrictive to an intermediate or above
    user, but, psh TEACHES basic unix commands to the beginner,
    so when they do validate their account, they already know how to get around.
 How to keep spammers out .. ask for a buck.
 A dollar from an individual creating an account can be substaintially
 helpful in perpetuating SDF.  Unfortunately not everyone sends in a
 dollar.  How does this keep the spammers out?  They look for host systems
 that are very easy to manipulate and abuse.  They look for a place where
 they don't have to give any personal information.  Most spammers and other
 criminals are cheap and paranoid people.  Its not just the people
 who don't want to reveal what city or state they might be in .. but for the
 people who just won't spare a dollar for a good cause.  SDF is a good cause.
 Anyone who has access to a computer has access and the ability to spare a
 dollar.  That is the plain and simple truth.
 From some yuppie who drinks his $5 cup of coffee with a wireless lan
 connection at a starbucks, to a street punk kid whose only access is a
 WYSE 50 TTY at a public library a buck is hardly a hardship.
 The worst case, focusing on the street kid.  There are a number of kids just
 like this, who access SDF in this very way.  And even for them, sending a
 dollar isn't necessary because they can log on and instantly have access to
 all those items I mentioned before.  And even if they wanted to do it, they
 could easily scrounge the money together and buy a self addressed stamped
 envelope at a post office.
 While user and prevalidated accounts *do* expire, it is done so by the
 criteria of inactivity and current system capacity.
 For those who have PAYPAL accounts and want to validate via PAYPAL we ask
 for at least $5?  Why? because paypal charges us so much money to even use
 their service.  Also, the only reason why we have paypal is because it was
 the cheapest merchant account (ability to process credit cards) that we
 could find.  Saving money is an SDF goal.
 Why $1 versus 5 EURO? because its easier to send a 5 EURO note in a letter
 than it is to send a 1 EURO coin.  Also, EUROs are available all over
 Europe now .. as well, Dollars are pretty easy to find.
 The truth of the matter is, its a small token of trust.  Even someone with
 a slightly sleezy side toward spam would cringe at giving up a buck .. and
 for them, its their loss and our win.
 -- original 'why' ---
 It didn't used to be this way .. but you must understand that your small
 token of trust builds a better SDF for all of us:
 Due to the increased number of security and spam attacks, we are now asking
 that you send ONE US Dollar (or 5 EURO note) as a token of your sincerity in
 becoming a longterm member of our community.  It is unfortunate that the net
 has become filled with people whose daily goal in life is to terriorize others
 online.  We believe that asking for ONE US Dollar would not present a burden
 to anyone in the world.  We hope to keep SDF a safe and secure haven for you
 and other shell users.  To get an SDF bumper sticker, send in TWO US Dollars
 and a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope).  Please include your login ID.
  SDF public access UNIX system
  Post Office Box 17355
  Seattle WA 98127