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 +   ​Tacker:​ smj (Stephen Jones)
 +   ​Subject:​ regarding .. solution
 +   Date: 07-Jul-02
 +   No one is obligated to donate to SDF to get anything more than
 +   basic access:
 +   1. instant account creation
 +   2. file storage using ZMODEM
 +   3. email access, no pop ups, no attached advertisments,​ no bullshit
 +   4. instant online chat and message board with other sdf users
 +   5. network utilities like traceroute and ping
 +   6. a whole slew of cool single and multiuser games
 +   7. access to the sdf mud, and TOPS-20
 +   8. network instant messaging using YSM (icq)
 +   9. psh may feel restrictive to an intermediate or above
 +      user, but, psh TEACHES basic unix commands to the beginner,
 +      so when they do validate their account, they already know how to get around.
 +   How to keep spammers out .. ask for a buck.
 +   A dollar from an individual creating an account can be substaintially
 +   ​helpful in perpetuating SDF.  Unfortunately not everyone sends in a
 +   ​dollar. ​ How does this keep the spammers out?  They look for host systems
 +   that are very easy to manipulate and abuse. ​ They look for a place where
 +   they don't have to give any personal information. ​ Most spammers and other
 +   ​criminals are cheap and paranoid people. ​ Its not just the people
 +   who don't want to reveal what city or state they might be in .. but for the
 +   ​people who just won't spare a dollar for a good cause. ​ SDF is a good cause.
 +   ​Anyone who has access to a computer has access and the ability to spare a
 +   ​dollar. ​ That is the plain and simple truth.
 +   From some yuppie who drinks his $5 cup of coffee with a wireless lan
 +   ​connection at a starbucks, to a street punk kid whose only access is a
 +   WYSE 50 TTY at a public library a buck is hardly a hardship.
 +   The worst case, focusing on the street kid.  There are a number of kids just
 +   like this, who access SDF in this very way.  And even for them, sending a
 +   ​dollar isn't necessary because they can log on and instantly have access to
 +   all those items I mentioned before. ​ And even if they wanted to do it, they
 +   could easily scrounge the money together and buy a self addressed stamped
 +   ​envelope at a post office.
 +   While user and prevalidated accounts *do* expire, it is done so by the
 +   ​criteria of inactivity and current system capacity.
 +   For those who have PAYPAL accounts and want to validate via PAYPAL we ask
 +   for at least $5?  Why? because paypal charges us so much money to even use
 +   their service. ​ Also, the only reason why we have paypal is because it was
 +   the cheapest merchant account (ability to process credit cards) that we
 +   could find.  Saving money is an SDF goal.
 +   Why $1 versus 5 EURO? because its easier to send a 5 EURO note in a letter
 +   than it is to send a 1 EURO coin.  Also, EUROs are available all over
 +   ​Europe now .. as well, Dollars are pretty easy to find.
 +   The truth of the matter is, its a small token of trust. ​ Even someone with
 +   a slightly sleezy side toward spam would cringe at giving up a buck .. and
 +   for them, its their loss and our win.
 +   -- original '​why'​ ---
 +   It didn't used to be this way .. but you must understand that your small
 +   token of trust builds a better SDF for all of us:
 +   Due to the increased number of security and spam attacks, we are now asking
 +   that you send ONE US Dollar (or 5 EURO note) as a token of your sincerity in
 +   ​becoming a longterm member of our community. ​ It is unfortunate that the net
 +   has become filled with people whose daily goal in life is to terriorize others
 +   ​online. ​ We believe that asking for ONE US Dollar would not present a burden
 +   to anyone in the world. ​ We hope to keep SDF a safe and secure haven for you
 +   and other shell users. ​ To get an SDF bumper sticker, send in TWO US Dollars
 +   and a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope). ​ Please include your login ID.
 +    SDF public access UNIX system
 +    Post Office Box 17355
 +    Seattle WA 98127      ​